Selected Seeds

We select the best varieties to ensure their optimal growth.

We choose the right place

Thus we obtain the best conditions for our products.

Technical control and monitoring

We carry out a comprehensive technical control to guarantee the quality of our products.

Warehouse and logistics excellence

We assess each process to ensure the best service, quality and information.

Quality - Service - Product

At Kettle we offer you what we are really good at: maximum quality in our work, an attentive and professional service, in order to obtain a fresh and healthy product.


Kettle Produce España was founded in 2003 on the initiative of three partners with extensive experience in the sector.


Great quality and taste.


Enjoy what we do so the consumer will too.


Kettle Bio

Kettle’s most natural side.

KPE-Coliflor-Detalle copia


Apart from offering great quality and flavour, Kettle broccoli, cauliflower, sweetheart Cabbage, and romanesco from Kettle are also BIO.

Grown naturally, our BIO product range offers an exceptional and authentic taste.


You can see the entire range of Kettle products here.


The right place

We choose our farms according to the climate, soil characteristics, crop water requirements and season, harvesting the products at the optimum time to suit our customers’ needs.

How we work
At Kettle we pamper our products in every respect, which is why we like to emphasize the way we do it